Online Marketing Tips for Automotive Businesses

Nowadays, businesses have endless options to market themselves. Ubiquity of internet is changing the marketing landscape dramatically. Digital marketing methods have been gaining wide acceptance due to its proven benefits and affordability.

Moreover, it levels the playing field for both small businesses and the corporate giants. What does that mean exactly? If you get the marketing methods right, then the chances of reaping profits and availing the maximum returns on investment are higher. Deciding the right marketing method, devising an effective strategy and implementing it in the right way is not easy as you think. You may need the professional services and expertise of a leading automotive advertising agency or experienced marketers, especially if you are a newbie in the digital marketing landscape. Let us check out some simple and easy automotive online marketing tips for increasing your business exposure and reach.

Publishing great content: Getting noticed on the noisy and competitive virtual platform is difficult. But the search engines can take your web presence to the top, only if you have great and valuable content for the audience. Publishing and sharing unique, appealing and relevant content on your website blog, social media or similar online platforms is one of the best automotive online marketing techniques to increase your search engine rankings by a greater extent. The more you blog or guest post, the more are the chances to drive traffic to your website.

Creating videos: High quality and visually appealing videos can be the most excellent way to connect with users. Consumers always prefer watching a short video rather than reading a long document of text information. Since it provides a quick overview of a product, automotive video production should be encouraged. YouTube, the most visited video sharing website has more than 1 billion users and half of the YouTube views are on mobile devices. Automotive video production and uploading it to YouTube can give your business a competitive edge in the market.

Leverage social media: Have you been making the most out of social networking channels? We all are well aware about the exploding popularity of social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Creating a Facebook page, Twitter account or Pinterest boards can help you in improving your customer relations and interactions. Always make it a point to remain active through the social networking channels by sharing informative contents, posting latest business updates, announcing new sales offers and more.

Social media marketing or blogging is generally free, but it can be time-consuming. At the same time, traditional automotive advertising methods like print ads and TV commercials can be expensive. So, it is always best to devise an optimal strategy that combines the best of both traditional and digital marketing techniques.

The Best Tips For Buying A Car

Purchasing an automobile can be a very exciting time, and although it can be expensive, there are some things that you can do in order to lower the expense to a large extent. In fact, if you follow these tips and make sure that everything is in order in advance, you will have a much better opportunity of walking away from the car lot with a smile on your face. That smile is not only because you purchased the automobile that is going to get you from here to there, it is because you were able to purchase it at a price that you could afford.

Although there certainly are a number of things that should be considered when purchasing a car, the first thing that you need to think about is your financing. Although the specifics of the financing are going to be decided depending upon the type of automobile that you purchase and the going rate, you still need to determine that you are purchasing something that is within your means. The last thing that you would want to do is to get approved for an automobile loan which would be difficult for you to afford for the next five or six years. Make sure that you consider these things in advance and you will be much happier overall.

You also need to consider the amount of money that you are going to get when trading in your automobile. This is also going to differ, depending upon the car that you have and where you are going to be purchasing an automobile. One thing that you should be aware of is the fact that the trade-in value is always going to be negotiable. Of course, there are many things that can be negotiated when purchasing a car or truck, so make sure that you choose your battles and then follow through on those battles to the ultimate success.

Have you considered purchasing your car through an auto auction? This is something that can certainly save you money and is also a very convenient way to get the car that you need. When you start to look for the different options that may be available, you might be surprised with the opportunities that are out there for you to purchase a car. These can range from used car auctions, all the way to government seized vehicles that can be purchased, at times, for pennies on the dollar.

Regardless of whether you were going to buy your car through an auction or if you are going to buy it from a dealer in your local area, always do your research in advance. This can help you to get the car that you need at a price that you can afford. It may also help you to see the opportunities that are available, as well as to discover through research, which cars are going to be the best value, overall. Yes, it may take a little bit of time to do the research in advance, but when you do so successfully, you will be much happier with your purchase.

Role of an Internet Marketer in Creating Custom Websites For Automotive Businesses

It is found that the number of customers visit Internet before buying a car is surprisingly more than what generally perceived. According to JD Power and Associates 2008, 80% of customers search Internet before buying a car. More customers use Internet to research and purchase cars shows the need for an effective customized website to seize the opportunity.

A unique customized website that can give desired results requires effective Internet marketing strategy. A customized website which created with the help of an Internet marketer incorporates your automotive dealership’s own unique brand image. It should be informative, user friendly, and visually appealing to generate leads.

As the website creates first impression about the business for your customer, it is important to make sure that your core message is displayed across the website. The core message can be any of these – quality products, reliable service, dedicated staff, roadside assistance, warranty etc. A reliable Internet marketer gives the required inputs that are specific to your business and market, with all the information a customer needs.

User friendly:
Customers always prefer a website that is user friendly. To become a unique auto dealer and to increase the response from the potential customers, your custom website should be user-friendly. A reliable Internet marketer uses some of latest tools according to the current market trend to make your customized website user friendly not only for your potential customers but also for you and your business.

Visually appealing:
A reliable Internet marketer creates unique custom website that incorporates every thing about your business in high-end graphics, voice, video, animation, and 3D images wherever required to create a strong web presence for your website in the market online. This enables to create a consistent visual appeal for your brand in your customers’ mind. Unlike a website created using some built-in ineffective templates, a unique custom built website nourishes trust in your products and services.

Lead generation:
A lead-generating web site is a vital tool, which places you ahead of your rivals in today’s competitive market. Customized websites generates leads from the best potential customers on the web. A reliable Internet marketer specializes in building search engine friendly web sites which drives traffic to your website and converts them into phone calls and e-mails.

In order to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, you need to look for a reliable Internet marketer to create high quality custom websites, which creates a positive image for your dealership and increases customer loyalty and sales of your company.

The Progress of Automotive CRM for Car Dealerships Around the USA

CRM (Customer Relationship management) is the strongest and the most efficient approach in maintaining and creating relationships with customers.

Dealership CRM Equals Profit Increase

That is the reason why Automotive CRM should make up a big part of your dealership business. Collaboration and vehicle personalization can create not only profitable customer relationships, but can drive brand loyalty by appealing to an individual’s need for self-expression.

Tactical efforts to improve customer experience are important. But, the fundamental challenge in the current automotive industry is its inability to consolidate customer touch points (vehicle purchase, sales satisfaction index [SSI], Captive Finance, warranty, CSI, customer pay service) into a single customer-centric view. Without this singular view, customers are bombarded with often conflicting messages and offers from the OEM, the Dealer and the Captive Finance source, which invariably drives down credibility and damages the overall brand experience.

An Automotive CRM System will Save Your Car Dealership

As a result, dealerships are losing share of the aftermarket. According to the AAIA, in 2008, dealerships’ share of the automotive aftermarket fell to below 30%, the 6th consecutive year of decline. This not only impacts short-term dealer profitability, but long-term re-purchase consideration and loyalty as well.

In today’s challenging economic times, dealerships and OEMs can’t afford to lose loyalty or vehicle sales. Installing a Dealership CRM system can definitely improve the situation and help in challenging the new ways of marketing and business in an efficient manner. Maintaining customer relationships and customer loyalty to a brand is essential to not only prosper but to survive.

An Increasing Demand from Informed Car Buyers

As a proven fact, more and more car shoppers today take the time to do a complete research on a particular vehicle and its benefits such as warranty, safety, economy, service and many other aspects. Car dealers have to be prepared to present hard facts on how they will keep track of the customers’ needs when it comes to service appointments, re-purchase opportunities, leasing contracts, etc.

No more will car salesmen, parts and service folks forget that “Mr. Smith” has a 10,000 mile service appointment coming up or that their leasing contract is about to expire, etc. As a matter of fact, having an Automotive CRM provides an additional feeling of confidence and trust from any current car shopper.

We have to go back to the basics. A happy customer is always a returning customer.